Finally managed to dig a path to my photo-corner! See, I do love you guys!


Now, a lot of photos to take.

Here’s a few samples…

The King in Yellow in Dorset

The King in Yellow - Dorset

What Lies Beneath in White Welsh (I’ve also done it in yarn)

What Lies Beneath - Welsh

Cthulhu’s Nephew in Dorset

Cthulhu's Nephew - Dorset

So, there will be an update (after Thanksgiving). Getting there!

That’s all for now!
~The Gnome

So I Promised an Update

Hi everyone!

Thanks to everyone who came to visit at Rhinebeck. It was awesome as always, even though it was also freezing cold!

So, explanations and updates.

I think I posted a ways back that I got a new job. Anyway, I did. I’m working for the Army outside DC.

This necessitated a move. Which required moving all my stuff. Holy carp do I have a lot of stuff.




So that slowed down my dyeing, obviously, until I could dig through it all enough to get my burners and dyes and pots.

BUT! I eventually managed to dig my way through the piles and get out my dyeing stuff. Yaaay!


Then… my body failed me. I ended up in the hospital for about a week, and recovery for a few more.


But I’m out now, and I made it to Rhinebeck!

I’m dyeing again, albeit slowly.

(What Lies Beneath in White Welsh)


Yay dyeing!

I have a fair bit of stock to re-open the shop as well! Yay!

Uuuunfortunately, one thing I haven’t dug out of the pile of stuff is the corner with the light that lets me take accurate photos of the fibers! Oh dears!


So. That’s the explanation. Now, the future!

I’ll keep dyeing. I’ll dig out the corner, or find another one I can use, and I’ll get stuff up as soon as possible. Sorry to make you all wait, but know that I am well and Gnomespun is not gone!

That’s all for now!
~The Gnome

We’ll Miss You

(Please excuse the cursing, but it’s how I feel)


Shit. Fuck. Damn.

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” -Dr Seuss

I’ll try, Tsocks. You’re worth smiling for.

We’ll miss you.

unnamed (1)

I’m very very glad that I got a chance to say goodbye, and to thank you for your affect on my life. And I’ll pass on your message, “Why not?”

And I’m sorry I never got to show you my finished Lunantishee.

And I’ll miss you.

But I will try to smile, because it happened… and I am better for it. Forever and always.

MA 09




Evening MA Cummington

Tsock Tsarina

My usual sign off seems… oddly apropos.

That’s all… for now

~The Gnome