About Gnomespun

We’ll start with the basics, who is the Gnome of “Gnomespun?”

::waves:: Hi, my name is Dan, and I am the Gnome. I am a Retired Army Veteran, a Biochemist, a crafter and… a lot of other things.

Gnomespun grew from a passing joke to a whimsy to an idea before becoming a full fledged plan at Rhinebeck 2008. And thanks largely to a large group of horrible enablers, I mean friends (is there really a difference?), Gnomespun was born.

So, here I am, a biochemist and Veteran, dyeing, yarn and fiber. In my “spare” time I also crochet, knit, weave, and more among my many polycraftual pastimes.  I love the feel of creation, from the light bulb of conception to the tactile sensation of genesis to a real, tangible product, and so here I am, with my own little gnomish corner of the fiber world, spinning away.

I’ve talked a little more about how I got to be the way I am, and doing what I do, HERE, if you’re curious.

For more information about what’s going on now with Gnomespun, check out the blog at The Roving Gnome

The lovely gnomes of the Gnomespun brand were created by Halfsparkle Studios. You can see Kira’s work at Halfsparkle.com

Spinning Gnome

11 thoughts on “About Gnomespun

  1. Hi; I love the concept of a roving Gnome :), and am writing a story about just such a little being who loves the countryside. I am also a woodworker, and would like to know if you have come across/possess a spindlewood spindle?. Also, where are you based geographically?
    look forward to your reply, Phillip.

  2. I’m in Western MA, and yes! I have two spindlewoods, a low whorls and a top whorl. I adore them both. *excellent* spindles.

  3. Hello
    I purchased your yarn in MA at the New England Festival. It is 250 yds and 4 oz, although it was labeled as Eshu, you told me that the above is the correct amount. Do you have a name for this yarn? I am using it doubled for a hat, and it is coming out pretty dense but lovely. Just wanting to be accurate on Ravelry. Love the way the color is knitting up, Redwood Tree. For a friend who is a gardener. Thanks

  4. Yes, but only a little. It’s VERY soft, and quite nice, but short and I found it not to hang together nearly as easily as wool. Still nice. I would love to spin more of it.

  5. I found your site while looking into how to dye soy fiber (I’m making a couple wigs for my ball jointed dolls), and was very happy someone explained it from a chemistry standpoint! I’m working towards my bachelor’s degree in chemistry (biochem concentration), so I thought it was cool to come across a biochemist who makes yarn. I’ll definitely be looking around your site more; I’ve gotten really into the fiber arts, especially recently.

  6. I see that Carleton Tshirt! Did you go there? I am a Carl, and just ordered two braids from you to play with. I bought some of your fiber at the Sock Summit in Portland a few years ago, and am really looking forward to spinning socks!

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