Knitting and spinning!

First, knitting…

You might remember the Lichen yarn I spun up a while ago. Well it came time this weekend to use it. I’m knitting a scarf for starters.

Well first I decided to do a basketweave, without looking at any directions, and then to do an edge to make it a little smoother. After two attempts futzing around without direction or a clear plan, I made this…
Basketweave Scarf

I think that it still has potential. But it needs some working, and it’s not right for either this yarn (too texured a yarn) or the receiver.

So I started again, and decided to try a “Mistake Rib” for the scarf. I sat down and looked at it, emailed with a nerdy friend, and figured out how it “worked” and decided it would work well. Finally, I actually started knitting.

This worked well, and I think will fit with the person better.
Mistake Rib

Also this weekend I finally got the yarn “Summer Breezes” finished, plied, set, skeined, etc. This yarn has a bit of a story.

So back before Rhinebeck, I was actually running out of fiber. Can you believe it? Luckily, I have friends. Jennifer, of Holiday Yarns, sent me this roving called “Mint Mojito” that reminded me of nothing so much as honeydew melons (which I love). So I knew it had to be a part of a summer yarn.

Right around the same time, my dear friend, Tom came up to visit. While we were out, we went to a local fiber shop, and he bought me some merino/silk roving
Me Picking

Hrm… looks like summer sky, doesn’t it? And so, Summer Breezes would be born. It was a learning experience. The two fibers spin very differently, and drape really differently. It’s not what I envisioned when I started, but how often is anything exactly?

The honeydew got much yellower as I spun it, and even yellower next to the blue (which I expected to bring out the green). It’s really a pale chartreuse at this point. Like the newest maple leaves.

The roving became this

Which was plied to become this

And then skeined, set, and wrapped up to become this
Summer Breezes

A closeup of the ahem, breezes around the maples

[ETA: 75% yarn is now in the 50% bin… of my brain]
472 yards, DK weight
25% Silk, 25% Merino, 50% Wool
Soft, a lot of loft and spring from the “Summer” ply.

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  1. Yeah, I’ve often thought Dan’s percentages didn’t add up. 😀

    Srsly, all very lovely, but I’m having difficulty getting past the phrase “local fiber shop.” You HAVE one of those? Jell. Us.

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