Oh right, that fiber stuff…

So I promised you a fiber post. And here it is.

I haven’t had near the amount of time for spinning that I would like. I have a deadline fast approaching. If I meet it, I get to start writing my dissertation. If I don’t… well… lets not think about that.

But I have had some time for dying. Been messing with a few new techniques.

Here’s one that didn’t even get a name, or get put up on the site before it sold! [Edit: I have been, correctly, informed that I did name it. Due to the way it looked when first dyed, this roving was named “Frog Guts.” Pleasant, huh? ::grins::]
Sold Roving

And, using a modification of that method, “Autumn Serendipity” which is now up in the store. I like what I can do with semi-blended color.
Autumn SerendipityAutumn Serendipity

It should allow for some interesting yarns with a unified project “color” but still variegated local color. Essentially a multi-color vesion of a semi-solid. This one, “Soft Serendipity” I’ll be spinning myself (for the site), since the roving got pulled apart during washing so it’s not braidable.
Soft Serendipity

Then I decided to try using the method I used for the Mother of the Twelve Moons yarn Twelve Moons on roving, instead of yarn.

Not as predictable a result on roving, but I think I’m figuring it out, and I got some cool effects.

“Sweeney Todd” (yes, the Demon Barber, but if you prefer, Nightmare before Christmas). Up on the site.
Sweeney ToddSweeney Todd

And, the first of two or three roving pieces for yet another Mythic yarn, “Yingarna” using the same method.
Yingarna Ply One

That’s all the new fiber for now. Except for the roving for a new yarn, “Moss Agate.” But I’m keeping that one under wraps for now.

And, totally unrelated to anything fiber (unless that’s what you search for), Google has teamed up with LIFE to bring, all of LIFE’s photos since 1970

~The Gnome

2 thoughts on “Oh right, that fiber stuff…

  1. Yowza. It’s a good thing I don’t have an I-told-you-so bone in my body, Gnomeleh, or I’d be telling you I told you so all over the joint right now. These are STUNNING. The Serendipity series? WANT. Like I said, the original one doesn’t happen to ring my personal bell (though I was pretty sure I’d be in the minority there, and again… right, wasn’t I), but the Autumn? WANT. Also Sweeney Todd. And Yingarna. Full of WANT; full of WIN. You GO, Gnome.

  2. It did, too, get a name! Frog Guts! And it’s lovely and soft and beautiful and perfect!

    Especially for a homeschool mom whose kid is taking biology this year, and will be dissecting a frog. I can check and see if the color’s right.

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