Those family-people are pretty awesome too…

Square Count: 49

New Squares from:
Acworth, GA
Moscow, Indiana

This is long overdue, but my family did give me some really cool stuff at the holidays.

My parents were all worried that I wouldn’t want this because I’m (slowly, someday, when I remember to bring the pieces home so I can use Dad’s drill press) building one of my own.
So I happily explained that an umbrella swift is different than the flat swift I’m making and will be super wonderful to have. Both until I get my flat swift made, and for the yarn I get from non-me sources, which may or may not come in sizes I have sized my flat swift for. Adjustable is nice. I lurves. Even if I don’t have a good table to put it on, besides the kitchen table that’s always full of drying dishes. I have, however, discovered that it works fine at an 85 degree angle on the back of a chair.

They also gave me a new teapot, to replace the one that committed suicide by leaping off the shelf in the middle of the night. This one’s much more elegant, and perfectly sized. Exactly one kettle of water, 4 cups of tea. Here it is brewing, “Blanc de Pom” that my good friend Tom gave me.

My little brother, ever thoughtful, found me these when out with my Parents at some point (heaven knows when, he plans way ahead a lot of the time).
In case you can’t see what these are, they’re plates. Big ones. But not just any plates, no. They’re big, serving plates… made of stone. And not just any stone…
Plates Closeup
Big, stone, serving plates, with fossils!

Yeah, my brother rocks.

Mom also found me this…
No, it’s not a wooden billy-club or arcane martial art’s tool. It’s a french rolling pin. A lovely, seriously hefty one, of a lovely dense solid wood. It’s awesome.

And, socks. Yes, you can all gasp now, machine made socks. And I love them. You see, these are not just any machine made socks. These are VDT socks. Vermont Darn Tough socks! You see, I’m a hiker, and hiking is very hard on both feet and socks.

Back’s out. Annoying. Makes me feel like I have asthma when I don’t. Have to get to the gym and pop it back in.

That’s it for now. Two weeks until the big meeting with my thesis committee. Oh right, and I finished Dionysus. Just have to wind one skein, ball another, and take photos.

~The Gnome

6 thoughts on “Those family-people are pretty awesome too…

  1. Good thing you just happen to have a swift and winder, isn’t it.

    I recognized that rolling pin before I even scrolled down past the first 1/2″ of the picture. It’s just like mine, and it’s one of my very favorite kitchen implements. And I haven’t even beaten anybody up with it.

    Hee – bet I know who the Moscow square package came from. 😉

  2. Glad that blanc de pom was tasty. I have been having it for a while.

    Guess now just need to get you “loose tea”

  3. Squee on the squares and yarn and gnome and swift and ball winder and teapot and so on, but…FOSSIL PLATES!! ::lurve with a distillery:: Oh. My. BOB. And thud. And so on.

    Your brother rocks as hard as you do. 😉 (*fossils*…sigh)

  4. Glad to hear you received some Darn Tough Socks for Christmas. Even if you had to buy them yourself, they are knit with the best yarn available and have a lifetime warranty.

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