Of Chickens and Injury…

Two weekends ago, we moved this.


It is a chicken house, and this is after Dad and I started to lift it up so we could start moving it. Moving it, we decided, would be easier with wheels. It weighs… something around 1300ish pounds. Very very heavy.

So we put on wheels!



Unfortunately, our first attachment wasn’t strong enough and they came off. Doh! So we tried another method and…

We’re off! Just pretend it’s a handpushed train car. The tracks are how we moved it, the plywood allowed for the 90 degree turn into the gate (and again once it was in the gate).

On the way

Once we finally had it in place, we had to get it off the wheels and extra boards and onto cinder blocks (because the dirt it’s on is soft and will likely sink with chicken scratching and water).

Almost done

And then, level it all… and… DONE!


And yesterday, our new baby chickens came in! Buff Orpingtons (gold ones) and Bard Rocks (black ones)!


All together now… AWWWwwww!

The one sad part of this whole thing was that I was an idiot. I did this whole moving thing… in my flip flops. This was dumb, because inherently at some point something’s going to go wrong. Of course it did, and I had to lift/shove that 1300lbs more than once. Doh. Which I didn’t think about the time, but by the next day I realized what I’d done…

Pulled my plantar fascia. Ow ow ow. Acute plantar fasciitis! Ow! Taking forever to heal, which sucks (two weeks in, only somewhat better). Trying to keep it stretched enough to keep walking without tearing it further. Massaging it frequently. Trying to stay off it.

Do not want! Yay for dumb.

That’s all for now! Will try to get an update up early next week. Got quite a bit to put up. Fiber, yarn, whee!

~The Gnome

3 thoughts on “Of Chickens and Injury…

  1. Buff Orpingtons are awesome! We have Buffs and Silver Lace Wyandottes that will start laying in the next month or so. Hope the foot gets better!

  2. Oh, I want some Buff Orpingtons! I’ve been looking at them online for about a year and WANT! 😀 (I miss having fresh yard eggs!)

    I was afraid you were going to say you crushed your foot with the chicken house. I don’t know which would be worse – smashing your foot or the plantar fasciitis. Take good care and wear shoes with great (not just good) support. And I wish you a rapid recovery.

    I’m going to add a link to your blog on my new(ish) blog – http://teresasstudio.blogspot.com I just googled my knitting images and a lot of your came up – because of the link on your page. So … what’s good for one is good for us all. Lots of links help spread the word. 😀

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