Socks and an Answer

So, other projects I’ve been working on…

Those of you who’ve wandered over to the shop and checked out the yarn may have noticed some “demonstration” photos in the “flashing” yarns I’ve posted there. Those photos are from a flashing yarn I did called “Pocket Change” (inspired by a beautiful piece of weaving I saw on Ravelry).

A wonderful and generous friend of mine offered to knit socks from my yarn so I could show what the flashing yarns do when knit.



You’ll notice they’re different. This was purposeful to show the yarn in multiple knitting “environments,” if you will. These are “Labyrinth” and “Tamino” socks, both patterns available on Ravelry. You can see what the very short runs of one color do among the much longer runs of another in plain stockinette…


And how they interact with fine and wider cables.



So, this is how the “flashing” effect I do on some yarns works in actual knitted fabric. Also, they’re really comfy.


Next, an answer to Jeanne/Lilpixiestix question, “What kind of yarn do you recommend for us “non-dyeing” people? I’m drawing a blank.”

Answer: Well… the cheeky answer is “my yarn.” I can even make you a double-strand skein if you want.

The actual answer is that you want a yarn that’s durable. Military washing is hot and rough, a perfect recipe for felting and shrinking. The reason I ended up using the Phouka myself is that sock yarn is made specifically to be durable and to stand up to a heavy beating. The most common complaint I’ve heard/read about non-sock superwash yarns is that they pill.

One thing to remember is that no matter the yarn, nothing will stand up forever to that kind of abuse. Even ACUs fade in military washing. So make anything for that kind of abuse with the knowledge that it will be used and eventually used up.

So, in short, I’d say that my cheeky answer is half a real answer. Doubled or tripled sock yarn is a great option. If you’re really industrious, you can take each of the strands and add twist on a wheel and ply them together for a chain-plied super-yarn. I was not nearly that ambitious. Oh, one more thing, make sure your ends are long and REALLY well woven in.

And now your gratuitous puppy of the day. Sometimes Gobo doesn’t lie on his back, sometimes he curls up like a doormouse. Too cute.

Gobo Mouse

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  1. Thanks for the answer!! I know that he’d use it and abuse it, but I’d honestly be ok with that. He’s worth it. Think of the rugby guys we discussed on Vday and he’s better. Hahaa!

    (runs off to look at your store…)

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