Crochet: A Moose

I make stuff! Yay stuff.

First I spun up some nice shetland in the colorway “Moose.” Longdraw so it’s fluffier, two-ply, about worsted weight.

Moose Yarn in Shetland

Moose Yarn in Shetland

Then I looked at a bunch of different patterns, and decided that while they were nice… none of them were ideal. So instead I pulled out my crochet hook and started freehanding…

Moose Parts

And made a shmoo body and then an extra piece to make the nose all moosey. At this point I’m fairly dubious about my own skills. But I forge my way forward and make some arms and legs.

Moose Pieces!

Ok, now I’ve got all the bits… except… oh wait, it’s supposed to be a moose… where are the antlers!? Time to pull out fiber for more spinning. Undyed shetland, this time…

Singles for plying

Spin it up, make a plying ball on a TP tube, and ply it up…

Antler Yarn

Aand crochet it up into antlers…

Moose' Antlers

Ok, now we hope to all the petty pewter gods that putting the pieces together makes a moose… First, stuff the nose and antlers and sew them on…

Moose Body

And from the side…

Moose Profile

Ok, I guess I can breathe. I was really unsure about the antlers and nose until I actually got them on. But now I think this might actually work!

Time to repeat the process with arms and legs, still crossing my fingers that shmoo-moose still looks cute with legs and arms. ::crosses fingers::

Moose sadly without eyeballs

Yay! It actually worked! He’s even pretty cute! Hrm… but something’s still missing… what could it be? Oh wait, I know, magnetite! I know, you’re thinking, what? Magnetite? What the heck?

Moose with eyes!

See? Magnetite! Little magnetite eyes! Meet the finally completed Ignatius J. Moose!

Ignatius J Moose

Isn’t he adorable? I say yes! Yay for projects working! I was pretty worried, I’ve never done anything like it before. Simple stitches, but all freehand, with stuffing, and then sewing things together… different process! Neat!

That’s all for now!
~The Gnome

2 thoughts on “Crochet: A Moose

  1. Aren’t three-dimensional figures great fun to make? There are all the challenges of making a garment – increase, decrease, making the add-on bits in proportion – but you get a buddy at the end.

    Good work, and thanks for the entry.

    What is the critter sketched at the very end?

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