Project Bags

Project bags! Everyone has favorites.

For a long time I just used plastic bags from the grocery store. Unfortunately, they’re not very strong and invariably a spindle or needle or hook will go through and end up… no longer in the bag.

Then for xmas a while back, I got a lovely Nantucket bag.


This bag is awesome. Especially for when I have multiple spinning projects. Lots of pockets. And shoulder straps! The only problem is that it’s so awesome for such things that my spinning projects tend to keep it rather filled. So I mostly use it for going to festivals and fairs.

Then I started my lab job and was knitting in the car every day. My big bag with spinning stuff wasn’t particularly practical. So my lovely friend found me an awesome little drawstring bag with the Ghillie Dhu on it. This is doubly awesome because I’m a sucker for mythology and folklore and because Gnomespun’s own yarns are named after trickster spirits (of which the Ghillie Dhu is one). And it’s small so I can tuck it into other bags and carry it easily.

However, my current project is a sweater. Inevitably, the sweater got too large for my wee bag. Luckily, another awesome friend came to the rescue! (Yes, I have an awful lot of awesome friends. I’m awfully lucky) A Muppets bag! I love Muppets. I’ve been described as one. And this one’s bigger, but not huge, and stands on its own. Excellent!


And a sneak peek inside. I’m actually progressing. Decreases, huzzah! I might, maybe, possibly, not fail to finish this before that thing that happens in October and is entirely too close for comfort because I have no plans made yet.


So yep, those are my current project bags. They work for me. For now. Sometimes I use my backpack instead.

Mokey says, “Stop knitting, it’s boooring. If I can’t eat the little sticks, come play frisbee with me! I’m waaaay more fun.”


That’s all for now!
~The Gnome

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