We are running low on Insi, and thus are considering the next run of yarn.

Input? What would YOU like to see?

1. More Insi (100% Tunis Fingering) – $25 a skein

2. Deluxe Insi (80%/20% Tunis/Silk Fingering) – ~$28 a skein

3. Dorset Sock (100% Dorset Fingering) – ~25$ a skein

4. Deluxe Dorset Sock (80/20 Dorset/Silk Fingering) – ~$28 a skein

5. Rambo/Finn/Polwarth Sweater (Fine-non-merino DK/Worsted) -~22? a skein

Prices are not set in stone. I’m least clear on the pricing on the thicker yarn. It’d be less, probably, not sure since the fiber runs more.

Thoughts? I can likely only do one of these this coming year.

That’s all for now!
~The Gnome

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  1. I’m trying. Unfortunately, the supplier seems to be… flaky at best. I’ve searched for a new one, but I may have to get desperate and get it processed myself, which is a big undertaking.

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