New Year, New Color! Shop Update!

Welcome to 2016!

Shop is here

Let’s see!

Fibers: White Welsh Mountain, Texel, Dorset, BFL/Silk, Camel/Silk, Finn, Manx Loaghtan, Shetland

Fiber Colorways: Zombie Outbreak, Amethyst, Dark Marble, Crab Nebula, Peach Cobbler, Veil Nebula, Deep Sea, Tawny, Tulip, Falling In, Last Fall’s Leaves, Rusty-Cheeked Scimitar-Babbler, Rain on the Rocks, Fruit Salad, Rose Red, Swamp Thing, A Darker Shade of Who, Hold Me Close October, Swampy, Radioactive Sunrise, Farewell to the Gold, Luna, Age of Brass and Steam, Old Copper Kettle, Oceanid, Cotton Candy, Deep Forest, Waterfall, Leafpile

Phouka Colorways:
Luna, Crown of Thorns Starfish, Night Seas, Pele’s Daughters, Purple Morpho, Amanita, Jenny Greenteeth, Lily of the Valley, Veil Nebula, How to Make a Superhero, Summer Clouds, Rose Red, Old Speckled Hen, Brownstone, The Salmon of Knowledge, Greyscale

New Fiber 2016-1-26

New Yarn 2016-1-26


Have a Cassius in the snow

That’s all for now!

1 thought on “New Year, New Color! Shop Update!

  1. I’m still not seeing a purple and space alien green w/ sparkles color way named CrabbyCrocheter.
    what’s up with that?

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