Shop Update!: Montadale/Alpaca, Anansi, Tunis, Dorset, Texel, Perendale, Phouka

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Fibers: Montadale/Alpaca, Perendale, Tunis, Dorset, Texel

Yarns: Anansi, Phouka

Anansi Colorways: Anthocyanin, Deep Sea, Golden, Great Blue Heron, Heart of the Flame, Ocean Waves, Peach Cobbler, Roz (not pictured), Woodwork

Anansi - 20160704

Phouka Colorways: Awash, Baby Toes, Golden, Heart of the Green, Heart’s Blood, Moose Tracks, Solar Flare, Supernova

Phouka - 20160704

Fiber Colorways:
Artichoke, Autumn Leaves, Autumn Splendor, Blue Parrotfish, Blue Tits, Brickwork, Bryophyta, Deep Sea, Flamingos, Golden, Hidden Color, Into the Green, It’s Not Easy Being Green, Lakeside, Leaves in the Rain, Nebula, Oil Slick, Old Gold, Painted Bunting, Purple Mountains Majesty, Quail, Queen of the Northern Forests, Radioactive Heroes, Rosy Finch, Rusalka, Rushing Water, Stone Wall, Sunflowers, Sunshine, Takahe, The King in Yellow, The Tilting Barn, Tidal Break (x2), Tulip, Twilight on the Lake, Violet Backed Starling, Water in the Rill, Waterfall on the Rocks

Fiber 1 - 20160704

Fiber 2 - 20160704

You might have noticed I breezed right by that “Anansi” bit.

Anansi is the new laceweight!

Anansi: Like the trickster spider himself, Anansi is smooth and sleek, perfect for your delicate lace and intricate work. Made from 50% sleek, shiny silk, and 50% super soft Merino wool it is a luxurious pleasure to work with or to wear. Put up in 1200yd skeins, large enough for most medium sized knitting projects, or an average woven scarf.

Lace Weight Yarn
50% Silk / 50% Merino
4oz – 114g
1200yds / 1100m

Also, note in the fibers section the montadale/alpaca blend. This is a 60/40 blend I have a very limited quantity of. It’s a really really nice fiber, I think. The Montadale provides a nice loft and handle, while the Alpaca lends its epic softness and warmth! Yarn spun from this blend halos nicely. The overall feel is very soft, more than soft enough for next-to-skin for me, though YMMV.

That’s all for now! Enjoy the shop update!

~The Gnome

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