Autumn’s Gold: Anansi Laceweight Set

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Autumn’s Gold: A fall gradient from brown to gold perfect for a shawl or weaving project! Each of these are repeatable colorways.

Left to right:
Old Copper Kettle

Anansi: Like the trickster spider himself, Anansi is smooth and sleek, perfect for your delicate lace and intricate work. Made from 50% sleek, shiny silk, and 50% super soft Merino wool it is a luxurious pleasure to work with or to wear. Put up in a total of 1200yd, large enough for most medium sized knitting projects, or an average woven scarf.

Anansi 4x300yd Set:
Lace Weight Yarn
4×300 (1200) Yards / 4×274 (1097) Meters
50% Silk / 50% Merino
4oz – 114g

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~The Gnome

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