Gardening: Spring Begins

So… my house is having some remodeling, which includes the kitchen where I dye, and the basement where I dry. This is actually awesome because both spaces are going to be FAR more useable when it’s done (storage space in the kitchen!? AN ACTUAL VENT TO DRY THINGS!!?!) however it’s put a severe crimp in the amount of dyeing getting done.

I am continuing to work away at the Golden Hour yarn, which will take a bit, but the nice weather has been helpful (he says as he looks out at the grey and rain).

So, since I can’t write about dyeing, and I haven’t finished my spinning, and my knitting is stalled… it’s Spring, gardening time!

The vegetable garden is still pretty quiet. I planted the peas! Then, just as they started to come up, some squirrels decided to dig about a quarter of them up. Not to eat, just to… leave on the ground, mocking me.


So I replanted in the holes and spread ghost pepper flakes on the ground. Stick your nose in THAT, fuzzy little jerks. For anyone worried, they get plenty of sunflower seeds, they do not need to dig up (and not eat) my peas.

Things were further slowed by several frosts WAY after we were supposed to be getting frost. Which required covering everything with remay to make sure it didn’t die off again.

But! We seem to be beyond that now. The root veggies (beets, carrots) and some lettuce just finally went in. I planted a bunch of seeds inside in trays, and they’re all up, waiting for days warm enough or enough size to go outside. But they get to take trips to visit the outside (i.e. get real sun). Peppers, basil, tomatoes, squash, zucchini, parsley, celeriac, eggplant, cucumbers, watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, and some sunflowers (not for the veggie garden).

The flower garden is coming up and I’ve added plants back to fill in the holes that last year’s weird winter left. It didn’t get cold, but it got so NOT cold that things didn’t go fully dormant. Because of that, they still needed water they weren’t getting because we had no snow. I did not water. Doh. Lost some things, may still lose a few more.

Mostly, things are coming back (that’s my butterfly weed below), yay! The weeds are just starting to sprout, so I desperately need to mulch.

Now that I’ve got one done, I’m trying to establish more planting spaces in the yard, and make the yard a little easier to maintain. So I started building my biggest garden. I used neat stackable stones from Home Depot for this to make it simpler. It turned into a real construction project…


Took a couple days, but I’m happy with it! Now I just need more dirt for it. And obviously… plants.

Once I got the hang of the hard wall, I made some much simpler non-stacked ones just to define edges for easier mowing/weed whacking.

The birds think this is all quite nice, though some appear dubious

But generally everyone seems to be happy with the progress.

Hopefully the disruption will be over soon and I’ll be back to the dye pots! I have been doing a bit for a future project…

That’s all for now!
~The Gnome

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