Shop Update – Polwarth, Polypay, Debouillet, Targhee, Romeldale, Jacob, Corriedale, Dorset, Cheviot, Texel,

Hello! There’s an actual shop update!

Shop is, as always, here

Fibers: Polwarth, Polypay, Jacob, Dorset, Corriedale, Debouillet, Happy Sheep Blend 2017, Cheviot, Texel, Extra Soft Dorset, Targhee, Romeldale

Colorways: Past the Reef, Heart of the Fire, Purple Bunting, Gold Dust in Our Eyes, Heathered Hills, Good Dirt, Deep Heart of the Green, Deep Iku-Turso, Autumn’s End, Leaf Pile, Mint Mojitos, Midnight Magic, Heart of the Green, Beta Fish, Jupiter, Forest Berry Compote, Marmalade, Lagoon, Allium Hyalinum, A Darker Shade of Who, The Fire Burns Higher, Storm Front, Clementine, Clementine, Well One Does Want One Hint of Color, Fingerpaints, Cornflower Blue, If I Were a Moose, Iku-Turso, Nebula, Chrysanthemum, What Lies Beneath, Heart of the Green, Falling In, Paprika, Mountain Pool, Late Apples, The Old Boiler, Falling In, Storm Surge, Purple Turquoise, Moss, Summer Meadow, Maple Leaves, Mahogany, Mint Mojitos, Mud Season, Summer Lawns, Motonui, Cockscomb, Heart of the Green, Bull Moose, Artichoke, The Last Leaves of Fall, Phoenix, Coomassie, Paprika, Mountain Path, Passion Flower, Motonui, Purple Haze, Storm Rising, Wine Dark Sea, Summer Tanager, Island of the Blue Dolphins, Bog, Beaufort Sea, Bougainvillea, Frozen in the Snow, Hobbes, Tiptoe Through the Tulips, Falling In, Sandstorm, Summer Growth, It’s Not Easy Being Green, Northwest Passage, Autumn’s Splendor, Bermuda Surf, Tawny, Filoviridae, Cornflower Blue

That’s all for now, enjoy!

~The Gnome


Sorry I’ve been gone. Stuff.

Had to delete several years worth of posts because someone managed to hack the blog and replace it with bad French pr0n. Sorry if you were subjected to it.

We’ll Miss You

(Please excuse the cursing, but it’s how I feel)


Shit. Fuck. Damn.

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” -Dr Seuss

I’ll try, Tsocks. You’re worth smiling for.

We’ll miss you.

unnamed (1)

I’m very very glad that I got a chance to say goodbye, and to thank you for your affect on my life. And I’ll pass on your message, “Why not?”

And I’m sorry I never got to show you my finished Lunantishee.

And I’ll miss you.

But I will try to smile, because it happened… and I am better for it. Forever and always.

MA 09




Evening MA Cummington

Tsock Tsarina

My usual sign off seems… oddly apropos.

That’s all… for now

~The Gnome

Gnomespun, MDSW and Spring Fests


The spring has sprung, and The Gnome has a new job! Workin’ workin’ workin.

I’m now down in Virginia/DC for at least the next couple years.

This put dyeing on a stall for a bit, but new fiber is piling up again!

Additionally, I went to MDSW…



And searched high and low…



And found some lovely local fleeces for fabulous fiber for you all!


I also got to see some friends…


But didn’t get to see others. So I wore the tiara with my cowboy hat, because Tsocktsarina was there in spirit (and her booth was packed)!


As for other festivals: Gnomespun will be at NHSW and MASW! Check out the Holiday Yarns booth!

The online shop will be open again after that!

That’s all for now!
~The Gnome

Of not-nephews and Hobbes

Somehow, I never wrote about this.

In a state somewhat long ago and fairly far away, my cousin had a son. A while later, I got to meet said not-nephew and hang out with him for a few days. He was (and is) a wonder, bright, creative, all those superlatives proud relatives might express.

Sadly, as he is far away, and I do not get much free time, I don’t get to see him as often as I would like. This sucks, and is not fair. What’s a not-uncle to do?

The answer, it was clear, came from my own childhood. When one does not have people to play with, one creates them. And of course, as a crafting not-uncle, I could aid in this process.


Hobbes. Bill Watterson and Calvin and Hobbes were wonderful worlds as a kid, why not share them now? In the rare “real life” panels, he looked like this:


First, I needed a washable, durable yarn. At first, I thought acrylic, of the nothing can bust this variety. But acrylic isn’t terribly huggable, and I plan to be around for a while and thus able to repair things if needed. Hrm…

The answer, for this project, was Knit Picks, Shine Worsted, in Black, Clementine, and white.

Ok… now let’s start. Maybe I can even write up a pattern for… um… ok no that’s not going to… hrm… number… color change… ::flail::

Well… that didn’t go as planned. Time for some free-hand crochet. It worked for Iggy, right? I won’t have a pattern, but at this point, who cares? Let’s try that again…


Well… the colorwork isn’t awesome, but it could be worse.


Forge ahead and tally ho!

So, by the head I’d finally mostly figured out how to do color changes more neatly. Thank goodness, since there are more color changes in the head. Ears, tail, stuffing…

Hobbes (1)

I’ll take it!

Hobbes n Me Small

Of course, every responsible tiger needs a letter of introduction.


But if you’re a distinguished tiger of note, such as Hobbes, you can also write one yourself.

Hobbes Letter

I also included a book of Calvin and Hobbes for when he got older. And received a very sweet phone call when they were going on vacation that my cousin and aunt were “making” him leave Hobbes behind, and he was quite worried that Hobbes would be lonely and tell me he was being abused.

Sometimes, it’s the little things.

That’s all for now!
~The Gnome