A Season of Changes

Fall comes again, a time of changing weather and changing lives. This season, more than most for me.

This fall, as well as transitioning the yard, I’m also transitioning from being an Army Soldier to being a retired Veteran. As with all transitions, this one comes with its pros and its cons. On the pro side, I hope to have more time for Gnomespun again!

And as with all transitions, life continues alongside no matter what! It’s fall, which means it’s time for shutting down the gardens and yard before the 20F night!

First, pick all the pablano chiles I’ve been waiting to turn red! And all the hot peppers that haven’t started turning red either. A few bell peppers from the late bushes, and the last Trombuncino summer squash.

Then, because it’s getting quite cold and I have a raised bed, the root vegetables also have to get pulled! Red and golden beets, two varieties of carrots, tops all cut off.

Then they all have to be washed! Better to wash outside with the hose so the dirt doesn’t end up in the garbage disposal.

The “Danvers Half Long” carrots did a lot better than the “Yaya” (the short stubby ones). Will replace the Yayas with something else next year. Both beets seem to have done well, though I’ll probably plant more goldens next year. Mmm yum.

Once that was done, it was time to shut down the hoses by blowing out all the water in the hoses and line with the air compressor. This will keep the hoses and line from freezing and cracking.

Kapow! And with all that done, time to cut back the roses.

This year they got cut back a little more than usual because last winter was so mild it never happened, so it took more to get all the branches clear of each other. They should come back quite thoroughly next year though!

And now we’re ready for the winter!

That’s all for now!
~The Gnome


Large Orders

Reminder that large orders (over $50 before shipping), get a free pair of stitch markers, made to coordinate with the fiber/yarn you purchase.

Here’s a pair that went out today.

Moss agate, Jasper, and Serpentine

That’s all for now!

~The Gnome


Sorry I’ve been gone. Stuff.

Had to delete several years worth of posts because someone managed to hack the blog and replace it with bad French pr0n. Sorry if you were subjected to it.

We’ll Miss You

(Please excuse the cursing, but it’s how I feel)


Shit. Fuck. Damn.

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” -Dr Seuss

I’ll try, Tsocks. You’re worth smiling for.

We’ll miss you.

unnamed (1)

I’m very very glad that I got a chance to say goodbye, and to thank you for your affect on my life. And I’ll pass on your message, “Why not?”

And I’m sorry I never got to show you my finished Lunantishee.

And I’ll miss you.

But I will try to smile, because it happened… and I am better for it. Forever and always.

MA 09




Evening MA Cummington

Tsock Tsarina

My usual sign off seems… oddly apropos.

That’s all… for now

~The Gnome

Gnomespun, MDSW and Spring Fests


The spring has sprung, and The Gnome has a new job! Workin’ workin’ workin.

I’m now down in Virginia/DC for at least the next couple years.

This put dyeing on a stall for a bit, but new fiber is piling up again!

Additionally, I went to MDSW…



And searched high and low…



And found some lovely local fleeces for fabulous fiber for you all!


I also got to see some friends…


But didn’t get to see others. So I wore the tiara with my cowboy hat, because Tsocktsarina was there in spirit (and her booth was packed)!


As for other festivals: Gnomespun will be at NHSW and MASW! Check out the Holiday Yarns booth!

The online shop will be open again after that!

That’s all for now!
~The Gnome