The Shop is Back!: Domestic Targhee, Polwarth, Debouillet, Texel, Cheviot, Tunis, Finn

Shop update!

Sorry for the long delay, I had a tree hit my house and they’re only now actually fixing the damage. Sorry about the blog going down, but (with some fun digging through files) I managed to get it back up! Turns out they moved my MYSQL server without letting me know or moving the pointers.

As always, the shop is here!

**Fiber:** Debouillet, Targhee, Polwarth, Finn, Cheviot, Dorset, Dorset Downs, BFL, Texel, Tunis, Wensleydale

**Colorways:** A Darker Shade of Who, Autumn Fire, Babbling Brook, Brave, Brickwork, Cockscomb, Coomassie, Dry Leaves, Fall Aspens, Farewell to the Gold, Hawkmoth, Hot Pants, If I were a Moose, Into the Green, Lagoon, Lavender, Low Tide, Midnight, Moonbeam, Mud Splatter, Northwest Passage, Old Copper Kettle, Old Gold, Painted Bunting, Paradoxically Purple, Polyphemus, Secret Copse, Smokebush, Swamp Thing, Tidepool, Vernal Pool

Quick note that the Debouillet, Targhee, and Polwarth are all domestic tops sourced from a small farm!

**Yarn:** Phouka, Big Phouka, Insi, Anansi
**Colorways:** Across the Sea, Celery, Cockscomb, Night Seas, Roasted Chestnuts, Seasons of Love, Sunset, Verbena, Wooded Trails

That’s all for now!

~The Gnome

30 Pounds!

Of squishy deliciousness has landed upon the Gnomespun doorstep!

Tunis, Horned Dorset, a Montadale/Alpaca blend, a Rambouillet/Corriedale blend, and a new multifiber blend similar to the “New England Blend” I had a while back!



All locally sourced from the Eastern Seaboard and prepped for your enjoyment! Watch for upcoming fiber appearing in this fabulous stuff!

Also, I finally got in a new batch of Eshu for your worsted yarn needs, and am looking at a new silk/merino laceweight base! MMmm

That’s all for now!

New Year, New Color! Shop Update!

Welcome to 2016!

Shop is here

Let’s see!

Fibers: White Welsh Mountain, Texel, Dorset, BFL/Silk, Camel/Silk, Finn, Manx Loaghtan, Shetland

Fiber Colorways: Zombie Outbreak, Amethyst, Dark Marble, Crab Nebula, Peach Cobbler, Veil Nebula, Deep Sea, Tawny, Tulip, Falling In, Last Fall’s Leaves, Rusty-Cheeked Scimitar-Babbler, Rain on the Rocks, Fruit Salad, Rose Red, Swamp Thing, A Darker Shade of Who, Hold Me Close October, Swampy, Radioactive Sunrise, Farewell to the Gold, Luna, Age of Brass and Steam, Old Copper Kettle, Oceanid, Cotton Candy, Deep Forest, Waterfall, Leafpile

Phouka Colorways:
Luna, Crown of Thorns Starfish, Night Seas, Pele’s Daughters, Purple Morpho, Amanita, Jenny Greenteeth, Lily of the Valley, Veil Nebula, How to Make a Superhero, Summer Clouds, Rose Red, Old Speckled Hen, Brownstone, The Salmon of Knowledge, Greyscale

New Fiber 2016-1-26

New Yarn 2016-1-26


Have a Cassius in the snow

That’s all for now!

OMG it’s Gnomeaggedon! An actual Shop Update!

So, one year to the day from my last update, the shop is finally being updated again. Took me long enough, eh?

Shop is, as always, here.

And here it is!

Fibers: White Welsh, Dorset Downs, Dorset, Phouka, Eshu, Cheviot, Texel, Insi, Polwarth, BFL, BFL/Silk, Wensleydale, and Gotland.

In the shop there is also Masham, Silk, Finn, Shetland, Jacob, and Rambouillet as well!

Colorways: Amethyst Surprise, Autumn Splendor, Blood and Bone, Brickwork, Buttercup, Cedarwood, Cobbler, Cthulhu’s Nephew, Deep Tawny, Desert Sunset, Fire and Smoke, Flame Flower, Galapagos, Geode, Gratuitously Green, Heucherella, Joshua Tree, Kitchen Sink, Luna, Paradoxically Purple, Peach Sundae, Purple Rain, Rhubarb Cobbler, Swamp Thing, The King in Yellow, The Old Orchard, Turquoise and Coral, Twoo Wuv, Typhoon, Valentines, What Lies Beneath (x2).

New Fiber 20151206

That’s all for now!
~The Gnome