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Shop Update: Clun Forest, Shetland, Merino, Dorset, Cheviot, Phouka, Wool Sampler

Shop is, as ever, HERE

Fibers: Clun Forest, Shetland, Merino, Dorset, Cheviot, Phouka, and a Sampler (Merino/Dorset/Shetland/Perendale)

Colorways: Centaurea, Daybreak, Dianthus, Greyscale, Happy Goth, In the Shadows, Indian Paintbrush, Mahagony, Mossy Rock, Rainstorm, Rebel, Sampler, Stormcloud, Sunset City, Tidepool, Wild Growth, Winter Storm, Woodpile


Enjoy! I think it’s a good batch.

A note ’cause I forgot to mention it before. The merino is a carded roving, unlike the normal prep (combed top) so it’s much springier and loftier than usually seen. It’s my a fiber I usually dye, but I figured an “odd” prep can be as interesting as an “odd” fiber sometimes.

Off to play with the dogs in the snow. They love this two feet of snow!


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Shop Update: Dorset, Shetland, Merino, Phouka, Gotland

Shop update!

Shop is here

Fibers: Dorset, Shetland, Merino, Gotland, and Phouka

Colorways: A River Runs Through, By the Barn, Chloropterus, Emerald Depths, Emerald Shadows, Falling Leaves, Garnet Rocks, Haying Time, How to Make a Superhero, Leaf Pile, Marmalade, Peach Sorbet, Pollen, Rain on Slate, The Color Purple


Mokey sez, “Ok, you got your shop updated, FRISBEE NAO?”


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Shop Update – A Panoply of Fibers, and Handspun!

The shop is, as always, here

A shop update! With an entirely new to the shop fiber, coopworth! Also an answer to a question at the end of the post.

Fibers: BFL, Shetland, Polwarth, Perendale, Coopworth, Corriedale, Jacob, Rambouillet, and Dorset

Colorways: Rusalka, Springtime, Fiddler’s Green, Sparrow’s Wing, Cupcakes, Sunburst, Spring Flowers, A Heady Brew, Stonework, Waterfall, Soft Tidepool, The Tide Turns, Moose, Walnut, Garnet Shadows, The Salmon of Knowledge, Crocus, Bluejeans, Shadows of the Green, and The Shore at Fife.

Handspun Yarns: Snowstorm, Rust, Sandstorm, Midnight Magic, Across the Sea, and Sunrise



Question: Diane asks – A question related to the protein fibers – do you know how the presence of the medula (sheep) vs a hollow core (alpaca) effects the dye take up? I’m assuming there are just fewer sites for the dyes to attach to but didn’t know if that was a simplistic explanation.

Answer: Not simplistic at all. The big difference is that alpaca scales are much shorter and less numerous than on wool. This provides less binding locations, but also makes the fiber less likely to felt and feel more silky.

That’s all for now, more coming!

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Shop Reopened

The Shop has reopened after Rhinebeck!

Fibers/Yarns: Phouka, Romney, Tunis, Wensleydale, and Perendale!

Colorways: Asters, A Meeting at Midnight, Across the Garden, Bryophyta, Chestnut, Chai Tea, City Sunset, Coreopsis, Dogwood, Evergreen, Frog Hop, Gold Mine, Goldenrod, Heart of the Fire, Indian Corn, Iris, Land and Sea, Luna Moth, Moose, Pocket Change, Rhubarb Cobbler, Saffron, Squash Vine, The Flame Rises, Swamp Thing, The Flickering Flame, The Lawn Needs Mowing, Tidepool, Vinca, Waterfall!

The Flame Rises

Also, the Exmoor Horn Mule is here. I’ll start dyeing it shortly. Also there will soon be a full report on Rhinebeck and the Adventurous Backpacking Trip.

That’s all for not!

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Shop Update: Shetland and Phouka

Shetland fiber, a bit of Cheviot, and Phouka yarn!

As always the shop is here

Fiber Update

More blogging soon. Things are a bit hectic here as suppliers and such are changing.

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