Autumn’s Gold: Anansi Laceweight Set

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Autumn’s Gold: A fall gradient from brown to gold perfect for a shawl or weaving project! Each of these are repeatable colorways.

Left to right:
Old Copper Kettle

Anansi: Like the trickster spider himself, Anansi is smooth and sleek, perfect for your delicate lace and intricate work. Made from 50% sleek, shiny silk, and 50% super soft Merino wool it is a luxurious pleasure to work with or to wear. Put up in a total of 1200yd, large enough for most medium sized knitting projects, or an average woven scarf.

Anansi 4x300yd Set:
Lace Weight Yarn
4×300 (1200) Yards / 4×274 (1097) Meters
50% Silk / 50% Merino
4oz – 114g

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Shop update! – Phouka Sets, Phouka, Montadale, Manx Loaghtan, Gotland, Romeldale, Clun Forest, Cheviot

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Fibers: Montadale, Manx Loaghtan, Gotland, Romeldale, Clun Forest, Cheviot

Colorways: Canna, Deep Heart of the Green, Hollyhock, Iris, Lemongrass, Lobelia, Motenui, Mud Puddle, Mud Puddle, Quail, Summer Rains, Water on the Rocks

Yarn: Phouka

Colorways: A Darker Shade of Who, Amethyst Depths, Brave, Celery, Deep Sea, Delphineum, Evergreen, Falling In, Filoviridae, Frog Legs, Geranium, Half-Past Midnight, Heart of the Green, Hollyhock, If I Were A Moose, Lobelia, Merlot, Midnight, Midnight Magic, Morpho, Moss, Murple, Paradoxically Purple, Pertussis (Semi-Solid), Pertussis (Variegated), Prickly Pear, Radioactive, Raspberry Tart, Rose Red, Seaweed, Sun-dried Tomato, Sunshine, Tawny, Vigorously Violet, Wine Dark Sea, Yersinia, Your Favorite Pair

And all new yarn sets! These are Phouka sets. Four 100 meter skeins. These are all done in repeatable colorways.

Colorways: Awake the Green, Infectious, Mysteries of the Deep, Seasons of Love, Steamworks

Awake the Green:
How to Make a Superhero
Little Green Frog
It’s Not Easy Being Green
Heart of the Green

Yersinia Pestis

Mysteries of the Deep:
Picea Pungens
Deep Sea

Seasons of Love:

Coal Dust
Old Copper Kettle

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And we’re back! MASSIVE shop update!

Shop is here:

Fibers: Bluefaced Leicester, Cheviot, Coated Dorset Lamb, Corriedale, Dorper, Dorset Downs, Dorset, Finn, Gotland, Insi, Karakul, Manx Loaghtan, Masham, Montadale, Perendale, Phouka, Polwarth, Rambouillet, Romney, Shetland, Southdown, Silk, Texel, Wensleydale

Colorways: Over 175 Colorways! Too many to list!


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Shop open again! Silk, Wensleydale, Shetland, Masham, Jacob, Insi, Phouka, Eshu, Cheviot, Southdown…

Shop is Here

Fibers: Phouka, Insi, Silk (Tussah), Eshu, Coopworth, Wensleydale, Jacob, Shetland, Masham, Cheviot, Blue Texel, Finn

Yarn Colorways: A Darker Shade of Who, A Sky Full of Stars (2), Anthocyanin (2), Bering Strait, It’s Not Easy Being Green, Midnight, Ouranos, Sebastian, Sunshine

Yarn 6-24-14

Fiber Colorways: Amethyst, Anthocyanin, Aquamarine, Bahamas, Blush, Clockwork, Cornflower Blue, Daylily, Deep It’s Not Easy Being Green, Deep Mud Season, Diatom, Fall Leaves, Gold Dust Woman, Green Heron, Heather and Gorse, Into a Brilliant Sky, Mud Puddle, Mud Season, Phoenix, Pseudochromis, Sebastian, Shadows of the Green, Spring Rain, Sunburst, Tidepool, Tiger Lily, Tulip, Waikiki

Fiber 6-24-14


Gobo says, “Aww Dad, fiber again? Can’t we go running?”

Gobo Green

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