Shop Update!: Exmoor, Finn, Falkland, Phouka

Another Shop Update!

New Fiber

We have… Phouka yarn, Polwarth, Falkland, Finn, and Exmoor Mule

In… The Fire Burns Low, Blue Lobelia, Grabby Hands, The Emerald’s Heart, Paprika, Marmalade, Lobelia, Rain on the Lawn, Heart of the Wood, Peach Sorbet, Hollyhocks, Moose, New England Harvest, and Stormclouds.

Lots on the plate, including some new suppliers, new projects, etc…

More actual posts soon. But first, I have to go back to cleaning, G’Ma’s coming for Thanksgiving!

~The Gnome

Shop Reopened

The Shop has reopened after Rhinebeck!

Fibers/Yarns: Phouka, Romney, Tunis, Wensleydale, and Perendale!

Colorways: Asters, A Meeting at Midnight, Across the Garden, Bryophyta, Chestnut, Chai Tea, City Sunset, Coreopsis, Dogwood, Evergreen, Frog Hop, Gold Mine, Goldenrod, Heart of the Fire, Indian Corn, Iris, Land and Sea, Luna Moth, Moose, Pocket Change, Rhubarb Cobbler, Saffron, Squash Vine, The Flame Rises, Swamp Thing, The Flickering Flame, The Lawn Needs Mowing, Tidepool, Vinca, Waterfall!

The Flame Rises

Also, the Exmoor Horn Mule is here. I’ll start dyeing it shortly. Also there will soon be a full report on Rhinebeck and the Adventurous Backpacking Trip.

That’s all for not!

~The Gnome

Tour de Fleece Wrap-Up

So, as you may know, there has been a big competition across the pond where men in funny outfits kill themselves on two wheeled contraptions. It’s called the Tour de France.

Anyway, while those crazy people are doing their thing over there, we fiber people do our own crazy thing over here, the “Tour de Fleece.” It tends to be pretty free-form though some people get together for specific challenges and such. Last year my own TdF was more organized.

This year my main goals were to spin every day, even if only a tiny bit, and make progress on some standing projects.

In those generalized goals, I succeeded. One of my specific goals I didn’t make, I wanted to finish spinning the handprepped romney/mohair batts into sock yarn, a project that’s been kind of hanging over me for a long time. Oh well. I did get a lot done.

For one thing, right at the beginning of it I flew down to North Carolina for a family thing. I managed to keep up my spinning at least a yard or two every day, and got a lot of spinning done in the airports. On the plane I started a basic beanie hat with my own handspun.

The hat
Merino Hat

And the handspun. Abby Franquemont batts. These are going to be weft for a woven twill weave scarf I’m working on.
Green and blue Abbybatts

Both spun up on my lovely Spindlewood top whorl.
Green 2

Once I got back, I finished sleying the reed on the loom for the scarf project. I’ll post more photos of the weaving project progress start to finish once I get a few more steps along.
Sleyed Reed

I also spun some cobweb weight from cormo handprepped by the Tsocktsarina.
Handprepped Cormo!

Spinning it on my newest spindle, a zebrawood spindle called a Tiger by… Cascade bought from Spunky Eclectic as my one purchase at MA Sheep and Wool. Love it. Spins great, especially things like silk for superfine stuff.

Then, right near the end of the Tour, the first of my new roving came back from the mill. Very exciting. Domestic Perendale and Polwarth. Since I’m going to be putting some of the Perendale up in my next shop update, I thought I should spin some myself since it’s a new fiber to me. So I grabbed my Bosworth Midi spun some up longdraw and plied it, washed it, fulled it, and dried it. 3-ply on the left, 2-ply on the right.
Perendale Yarn

3-ply close up
3-Ply Perendale

2-ply close up
2-ply Perendale

It’s an interesting fiber. Spun this way it’s a fairly prickly fiber but makes a much softer yarn than you expect. So I went all the way and knit it up, washed it and blocked it. Well, as much as you can block a 1.5″ squarish.
Perendale knitted

And a closeup. You can see it’s got more luster than your average downs wool. It comes from the Romney in the bloodline. It’s VERY springy and lofty with a big halo. It’s not super soft, about what non-specified “wool” sweaters usually are. So good for anything a mid-level romney would be good for, sweaters, hats, mittens, heavy-duty socks, outerwear, etc.
Perendale knit up close

And that’s about it for my TdF. Other than keeping Gnomespun running, and expanding things slightly and examining a few new possible paths.

TdF 2010
TdF 2010

And now, back to the dye pots. Perendale and Polwarth roving. A couple new things coming up!

Until the next time!

~The Gnome

Shop Update!

Link to the shop for feed readers

Life continues apace. Weather has limited my ability to take pictures for the past few days, or this update would have been up three days ago or more.

In non-fiber news, I’m still job searching. Learned yesterday that many of my resumes were not formatted ideally for the jobs I was applying for. Federal resumes are the opposite in brevity from academic and industry jobs, who knew? So I’ll be working on redoing those shortly.

In fiber news… oh boy

As Ravelry board readers know, I’ve got a TON of new fiber on the way to be processed into roving. Domestic Polwarth, Perendale, Suffolk, Debouillet, and a Targhee and Alpaca blend. I’m *really* looking forward to these. The fleeces all look absolutely divine.

We also have a new fiber hitting the Gnomespun shelves, Cheviot! A lovely downs wool similar in many ways to Dorset. Perhaps a bit coarser with a bit longer staple length. A good heavy duty sock fiber, or any long and hard wearing purpose. Almost unfeltable through wear, and difficult to felt otherwise.

In this update we have:

Cheviot: Bismuth, Robins and Rabbits, Spring Crocus, Bryophyta
Dorset: Desert Sunset, Spring Rains, Marigolds, Bryophyta, Open Sea, In the Spring
Finn: Into the Green, Soft Into the Green, Soft Fingerpaints, Peaches and Strawberries
Wensleydale: Deep Sea, Bryophyta, Tarnished Gold
Jacob: Garnet Shadows


And then we have a big new Gnomspun first… millspun yarn!

This first, Gnomespun Phouka, is a yarn I hope to have fairly regularly. It’s a yarn spun specifically for socks, which means its fairly loose spun but has a very high twist. This makes it very soft and lofty, but strong enough and springy enough for good socks. The weight is a “fine fingering.”

A note: All but one of these are single skeins. There should be enough for a pair of normal socks in a skein. Once I get an idea which colorways are popular, I’ll likely start doing them in pairs or sets of four.

Gnomespun Phouka
~400 Yards per skein, 3.2oz
75% Superwash Merino, 25% Nylon

Gnomespun Phouka

This is a yarn I’ve only got 5 skeins of. Whether I will have more or not depends on a bunch of other factors (like how fast and if I get a job). This is a more multipurpose yarn, with a lower twist and more stretch than the Phouka. Welcome, Gnomespun Imp.

Gnomespun Imp
~400+ yds
80% Superwash Merino / 20% Nylon

Gnomespun Imp Yarn

And now, off for my run, and to rewrite my resume. More coming!

That’s all for now!

Oh, right, also note that for those who like to stash, these yarns are now entered into the Ravelry Database as “Imp” and “Phouka” under the “Gnomespun Yarn” category.

~The Gnome