People are often curious about commissioned yarns or items.

I will do commission projects, though they are not the focus of my work.

Commissions come in three varieties:

1) Make me a yarn
20$ Commission fee (Non-refundable)
Yarn cost (Refundable)
1 Spinning/Dyeing Retry

2) Spin this fiber
Yarn cost – fiber cost (Refundable, fiber not returnable)

3) I need a thneed in handspun…
Yarn cost
Labor cost
Not returnable or refundable
(e.g. Hat/Scarf set ~100$ or more)


More detail:

1) “Can you make me this yarn?”
Maybe. In this case, you have a yarn in mind. I provide the fiber, the time, and the skill. You provide the inspiration. If you want a yarn spun to your specifications (or as close as I can manage) then you will pay a “commission fee” of 20$ and I will spin the yarn. Like a “normal” Gnomespun yarn, you then buy the yarn for what its normal Gnomespun value would be. If you’re not happy with it, you send it back and I refund that cost and list the yarn on the site. Within reason, I will attempt a second time to get what you were looking for (i.e. I may not be willing to respin a thousand yards of laceweight icelandic). I do not, however, refund the commission cost. Keep in mind that hand spinning and hand dyeing are not mechanical processes, and I am not psychic, as much as I might wish it. Predictability is not guaranteed

2) “Can you spin this fiber?”
Yes, I can. In this example you’re providing the fiber, and I’m providing the skill and time. Something most people forget is that the cost in handspun/handknit/handcrafted items is not primarily the materials, but the time and skill. You would send me the fiber, I would spin it, and you would buy the finished yarn for the “normal” cost minus some. The discount would depend a lot on what the fiber was. If you’re providing vicuna, it’s going to be a lot cheaper than buying vicuna yarn I have to provide the fiber for. If you’re providing icelandic, it will be less of a discount.

3) “Can you make me a…”
Maybe. My knitting/crochet skills only reach so far, but I’m fairly well acquainted with those limitations so I have no problems telling you if I can’t do something. The big caveat to this kind of commission is that it is expensive. Due to the nature of this sort of work, the cost is not refundable. A handspun hat/scarf set will average a minimum of 100$

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