Gnomespun in the Wild

Examples of Gnomespun that’s left the nest and is all grown up and on its own in the Wild.

There’s also the mass gallery here for more examples.

These will be sectioned into the individual yarns, and then fibers will be grouped together with labels on individual projects when available.


Cozy Thermal Mitts – ShakeYourBooties
Cozy Thermal Mitts - ShakeYourBooties

Ganesh – CK100
Ganesh - CK100

Peacock Color Cowl – Terby
Peacock Color Cowl - Terby

Dino Hat – RGDoane
Dino Hat - RGDoane


Boxy and Beyond – KoiguSue
Boxy and Beyond - KoiguSue

Deep Sea Swamp Thing – Dergugelhupf
Deep Sea Swamp Thing - Dergugelhupf

Neutral Socks – WillyG
Neutral Socks - WillyG

Starry Night Hat – Brewergnome
Starry Night Hat - Brewergnome


Bee’s Moose Socks – Boadiccea
Bee's Moose Socks - Boadiccea

Celtic Pride – TwoBlackCats
Celtic Pride - TwoBlackCats

Maurus Mitts – AbbiePrime
Maurus Mitts - AbbiePrime

Modified Hyrna – Jesh
Modified Hyrna - Jesh


Stormy Seas – Dorset – ggggbbybby
Stormy Seas - Dorset - GGGGBBYBBY

Wingspan – Tunis – Tanyac
Wingspan - Tunis - Tanyac

Owlie Gloves – Polwarth – Alysania
Owlie Gloves - Polwarth - Alysania

EZ Raglan – Shetland – WildApple
EZ Raglan - Shetland - WildApple

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