Gnomespun Yarns

Gnomespun has several “base” yarns, and will likely continue to expand as I find interesting things I like. You’ll notice that in keeping with my ongoing themes, Gnomespun Yarns are all named after trickster spirits of varying kinds and locales.

Current Gnomespun Yarns:

Eshu – Worsted Weight – Superwash Merino Lamb
Insi – Fingering Weight – Tunis
Phouka – Fingering Weight – Superwash Merino/Nylon
Anansi – Laceweight – Silk/Merino

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Worsted Weight
250 Yards / 229 Meters
~4 oz / ~114g
100% Superwash Merino Lamb

18-20 Stitches / 4 inches (10cm)
Size 7-8 4.5mm-5mm


Named after an African trickster god with a fondness for stories, Eshu is a luxuriously squishy worsted weight yarn. It is superwash, and knits up with a gauge similar to that of Cascade 220 for the purpose of finding patterns. Eshu is springy and lofty. I am more than happy to dye large batches of this yarn for large projects such as sweaters.

Fingering Weight/Sock
400 Yards / 366 Meters
~4 oz / ~114g
100% Tunis


“Insi” is the Tunisian word for “Hedgehog” who is the ancient Tunisian equivalent of the American Coyote trickster spirit. Insi is fairly tight-spun, from the Downs wool, so it wears well and is highly resistant to felting. While I still recommend hand-washing, if you accidentally launder it, it will probably survive. As Insi is made with Tunis, it is not merino soft, but I find it plenty soft enough for socks and hats. Insi is on the slightly heavier end of fingering, ensuring a nice dense, “chewy” fabric for a durable sock.

Fingering Weight/Sock
400 Meters / 438 Yards
~3.8 oz
75% Superwash Merino, 25% Nylon

24-40 stitches / 4 inches
Size 1 – 1.5 / 2.25mm-2.5mm


Named after a trickster spirit of the British Isles and pronounced “Pooh-ka,” Phouka is a yarn spun loose and plied with four plies with a high twist (“hosiery twist”) for lots of softness while retaining durability and a middling stretch. Superwash merino so it’s easy to care for and super soft, with some nylon for strength. Middle fingering weight, this is an ideal millspun sock yarn. One skein should be enough for a normal sized pair of socks. I have a pair that I wear at least two days a week, every week, that is unfaded and shows almost no wear after over two years!

Skeins also available in “Little Phouka” and “Big Phouka.” Little Phoukas are the ends of cones and vary in size, but are ideal for contrasting toes or heels and hexipuffs. Big Phoukas are one and a half or double sized skeins for bigger projects such as the infamous “Giant Mansocks(tm)” for guys with gimungous feets. I don’t list a lot of Big Phoukas but am more than happy to do them upon request.

Lace Weight
1200 Yards / 1097 Meters
~4 oz / ~114g
50% Silk / 50% Merino

Named after an Akan trickster spirit and spider god of West Africa and the Caribbean. Like the trickster spider himself, Anansi is smooth and sleek, perfect for your delicate lace and intricate work. Made from 50% sleek, shiny silk, and 50% super soft Merino wool it is a luxurious pleasure to work with or to wear. Put up in a total of 1200yd, large enough for most medium sized knitting projects, or an average woven scarf.

I can easily do other sized skeins if you need a certain amount for a project.

The below are defunct yarns. Some I can still acquire if you want to make a specific request, but Gnomespun will not be dyeing them for general updates and festivals.

Heavy Lace/Light Fingering
50/50 – Merino/Tencel
680yds – 622m


Iktomi is a 50/50 Merino/Tencel two-ply yarn spun to a heavy laceweight/light fingering weight. The tencel gives the yarn a lovely luster and silver cast that lends elegance to this yarn. Very soft with a delicate drape and lovely shine. Iktomi would be very nice woven as well, the merino helping with the common Tencel “slipping” problem. 680yds is the standard skein size, but I will happily do up to 1360yds on request. And obviously multiple skeins in a colorway are possible.

Note that there were a few smaller and larger skeins that went out while I was figuring out the yardage. Unfortunately my supplier mislabeled their website and cones. This is the final length I settled on, but there are some other lengths floating around.


~180 Yards / 165 meters
~3 oz / 84g
50% Alpaca / 50 % Wool
Worsted Weight


Kappa is a 3-ply, worsted weight yarn. It is spun with soft wool and supersoft alpaca. Warm and puffy, deliciously soft and wonderful to knit! Skeins can be done on request up to 250yds, and I’m happy to do multiples of any size in a single colorway for larger projects like sweaters and the like!

That’s all for now! Other yarns are in consideration, and yes before anyone asks I have looked into getting some of the odd breeds in yarn form. It’s difficult, but it may be possible. That will likely have to wait until the job situation is settled, however.

Drop me a line if you would like to request something, suggest a base, or what have you!

~The Gnome

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