Moving on, moving ahead…

Some details still need editing, I’ve apparently still got problems with “its” vs “it’s” that are unresolved even in my adulthood.

But, it’s up, and there’s even some stock in it! ::gnome dance::

I hope to get my latest Mythic yarn up tonight, “Mother of the Twelve Moons” inspired by Heng O, the Toad/Woman who lives in the moon. I’ll post more details and photos tonight if I can.

Also in the works, a commission in “Lichen” yarn that hasn’t been shown on Gnomespun yet, dyeing of “Amaterasu” and planning the next few adventures to cram in before the holidays smack us in the face!

~The Gnome


So, there was Rhinebeck, and it was good. Stock was largely depleted, response was excellent, and I’ve got more ideas and a better plan for what you guys actually want in your yarns! What could be better?

Here are a few photos, by the time I got a good photo of the Gnomespun part of the display, quite a few skeins were already gone! That’s good, right?

Here’s a quote from a happy customer:
“I am still loving just looking at and petting Purple Haze. There‚Äôs so much depth to the colors. So many different hues. I am in love.”

The booth, the fabulous Jennifer in the back:
The Rhinebeck Booth

And some of the Gnomespun display:
Gnomespun Display