Gnomespun, MDSW and Spring Fests


The spring has sprung, and The Gnome has a new job! Workin’ workin’ workin.

I’m now down in Virginia/DC for at least the next couple years.

This put dyeing on a stall for a bit, but new fiber is piling up again!

Additionally, I went to MDSW…



And searched high and low…



And found some lovely local fleeces for fabulous fiber for you all!


I also got to see some friends…


But didn’t get to see others. So I wore the tiara with my cowboy hat, because Tsocktsarina was there in spirit (and her booth was packed)!


As for other festivals: Gnomespun will be at NHSW and MASW! Check out the Holiday Yarns booth!

The online shop will be open again after that!

That’s all for now!
~The Gnome

MA Sheep and Wool Festival!

Hello again!

Back from NH, and now ONE MORE FESTIVAL for the spring season!

My own hometown festival, Massachusetts Sheep and Wool at the Cummington Fairgrounds.

I’ll be with Holiday Yarns again, in building 2 (I think it’s 2, the one in the middle) right at the end nearer the parking lots (and the bathrooms!)

Lots of fiber, lots of yarn! Dorset/Silk, Jacob, Manx Loaghtan, Corriedale, Cheviot, Suffolk, Dorset, Rideau Arcott, Merino, Tussah Silk, Phouka yarn, Eshu yarn, and more!

That’s all for now! Come see me!

~The Gnome

NH Sheep and Wool!

So! Back from MDSW! You know what that means… that’s right, NEW HAMPSHIRE! I will be in the Holiday Yarns booth with the fabulous, generous, Jennifer. Come see us!

Bldg C, Space 12/13

There will be a post on MDSW with photos upcoming. But for now I have to hit the dyepots!

I’ll have…

Eshu, Phouka, Manx Loaghtan, Romney, Dorset, Suffolk, Cheviot, Corriedale, Finn, Rambouillet, Merino, Tussah Silk, East Friesian, Rideau Arcott, Scottish Blackface, Jacob, Polwarth/Silk, and I’m sure some other things I’m forgetting right now because my brain is sunburned.

Come see me! Say “Hi” and pet the fiber! Maybe even pick some up to take home!


That’s all for now!
~The Gnome

Gnomespun at Maryland

Gnomespun Yarn will be at Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival!

Booth N5 (Tent) with the fabulous and famous Tsocktsarina of Tsocktsarina’s Art for your Feet! You can thank Tsocks for the kind use of her space. live streaming film The Shack 2017

Not only will Gnomespun be there, but the Gnome will be there for the first time! Come by and say “Hi!” Squish the fiber, pet the yarn!

Come see us Booth N5!
Come see us Booth N5!

I will have yarn, and lots of fiber! From all manner of breeds, Manx Loaghtan to Dorset to Silk! Come by and see!

That’s all for now!

~The Gnome

NEFF 2012!

And of course… after Rhinebeck…

Then it was time for more dyeing, and NEFF! New England Fiber Festival. Luckily this one was close.

I was with Moose Manor and Art for your Feet on this one, who shockingly made it up here after Sandy wiped out their power and flooded their basements and left all manner of destruction in their neighborhoods.


It was nice, relaxing. And of course, good company.


On the first day I made my only big purchase, a Russian spindle from Spunky Eclectic. I’ve never spun on one of these before. It’s made with lignum vitae and I really like it. Though it’s not as transportable as a suspended spindle.


After about 20 minutes of futzing and figuring, I pretty much got it down, though I’m not terribly fast at it. I made some lovely super fluffy yarn with the ColumbiDale roving.

Once I’d figured that out I decided, hey screw this fiber stuff. Fiber’s for noobs and wimps, right? If Rumplestiltskin can spin straw into gold, I should be able to do better than that, right?

Aawwww yeah. I decided physical spinning was too easy. Bring on ethereal spinning! I’m gonna spin LIGHT!


And finally it was back home! WHEW!

Dogs say, “Next time we’re coming with you!”

That’s all for now!
~The Gnome