Autumn’s Gold: Anansi Laceweight Set

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Autumn’s Gold: A fall gradient from brown to gold perfect for a shawl or weaving project! Each of these are repeatable colorways.

Left to right:
Old Copper Kettle

Anansi: Like the trickster spider himself, Anansi is smooth and sleek, perfect for your delicate lace and intricate work. Made from 50% sleek, shiny silk, and 50% super soft Merino wool it is a luxurious pleasure to work with or to wear. Put up in a total of 1200yd, large enough for most medium sized knitting projects, or an average woven scarf.

Anansi 4x300yd Set:
Lace Weight Yarn
4×300 (1200) Yards / 4×274 (1097) Meters
50% Silk / 50% Merino
4oz – 114g

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~The Gnome

We are running low on Insi, and thus are considering the next run of yarn.

Input? What would YOU like to see?

1. More Insi (100% Tunis Fingering) – $25 a skein

2. Deluxe Insi (80%/20% Tunis/Silk Fingering) – ~$28 a skein

3. Dorset Sock (100% Dorset Fingering) – ~25$ a skein

4. Deluxe Dorset Sock (80/20 Dorset/Silk Fingering) – ~$28 a skein

5. Rambo/Finn/Polwarth Sweater (Fine-non-merino DK/Worsted) -~22? a skein

Prices are not set in stone. I’m least clear on the pricing on the thicker yarn. It’d be less, probably, not sure since the fiber runs more.

Thoughts? I can likely only do one of these this coming year.

That’s all for now!
~The Gnome

Shop Update: Jacob and Phouka

Allo all! Right, it’s been a while, again. Job hunt continues. Some promising things, others not so much.

Shop update!

Today we have yarn (Phouka) and fiber (jacob). Lovely stuff both, but some notes…

Phouka: The Phouka yarn has been increased in length from 400y to 400m giving people another 37 yards of leeway when making socks. If you need larger skeins, feel free to ask for larger skeins, I’m happy to dye them! I’m also likely going to start dyeing a few “Big Phouka” skeins at 600m a skein, but these will be fewer in number.

Jacob: This is an awesome roving from a lovely flock of spoiled rotten sheep down south. As it is roving, it’s much puffier than the top I carry. This limits me in how much I can dye at once. Most colorways are only available in single 4oz batches. If you would like 8oz of a colorway, email me and I can attempt it for you.

Now, the actual stuff!

Yarn Colorways: Deep Sea, Paprika, Sunrise, Dusk, Sunset Over the Trees, Crocus, Zombie! (Little Phouka), and Mountain Paths


Jacob Colorways: Old Barn Door, Farewell to the Gold, Red Clay Halo, Rusalka, Spring Flooding, Midnight, Leaf Pile, Heart of the Forest, Amethyst Fractures, Purple Finch


Upcoming… ecclectic collections! I’ll be clearing out the last of some fiber types to make way for more. Also, I’ve got a bunch coopworth and corriedale waiting. Soon as the funds are rejuvenated, I’ll be putting in another order of the most popular fibers.

And now, before we go… your terminal cuteness of the day, awkward sleeping positions! No, Dad, it’s really comfy!


~The Gnome

Finally a shop update: SALE! Scarves, Exmoor, Yarn

Ok first, the SALE! Part. There’s a holiday sale in the Gnomespun shop. Yarns and the new scarves are discounted! Also, any order will receive a free upgrade to priority shipping in order to get it to you before the holiday.

The Gnomespun Shop

Ok. Yarn and fiber…

In Phouka: Swampland, Sun and Sand
Falkland: Rosy Finch, The Princess’ Petticoats, Forest Shadows
Exmoor Mule: Dark Spanish Shawl, Scarlet O’Hara, Waterfall, Moose


And a new addition to the Gnomespun family, light silk and silk/wool scarves. These are discounted right now because they are new, and because I thought they’d make extra nice gift-exchange or stocking stuffer gifts. They are, however, hard to get good photos. If they’re popular I may need to get myself something to hang them on.

These come in two sizes and two varieties.

Small: 8″x54″ these are small ascot style scarves, very nice. They come in both 100% silk and the 63%/37% Silk/Wool blend.

Large: 11″60″ these are just a little longer and wider. They can be worn either as light shawls or as scarves. Long enough to double over and still have a bit left hanging down. These only come in the Silk/Wool blend right now.

Colorways: Thistle, Sunflowers, Dark Nebula, War for the Oaks, Oil Slick, Among the Roses, Islands in the Rain, Heart of the Fire, The Rising Flame, Smoke and Fire, Blood in the Water, Pollen, Earth and Sky, Windowpanes, Sea and Sunset.


That’s all for now. More blog posts coming soon, and hopefully another shop update before xmas (we’ll see, stuff keeps being… stufflike).

~The Gnome

Shop Update!: Exmoor, Finn, Falkland, Phouka

Another Shop Update!

New Fiber

We have… Phouka yarn, Polwarth, Falkland, Finn, and Exmoor Mule

In… The Fire Burns Low, Blue Lobelia, Grabby Hands, The Emerald’s Heart, Paprika, Marmalade, Lobelia, Rain on the Lawn, Heart of the Wood, Peach Sorbet, Hollyhocks, Moose, New England Harvest, and Stormclouds.

Lots on the plate, including some new suppliers, new projects, etc…

More actual posts soon. But first, I have to go back to cleaning, G’Ma’s coming for Thanksgiving!

~The Gnome